Burning Bike 2022 has been cancelled at Bike Week Campground

Daytona Bike Week 2022
Bike Week is not happening as in previous years due to the Covid pandemic.

2022 is in jepoardy because of mutations like Delta that
continues to kill many of the unmasked unvaccinated folks spreading it.

Bike week is a yearly ritual for many but we don't want to mix with the virus and the rest of the trouble.
We will Stay Safe and Stay Home

Last year at home we had a bon fire, cooked a pig in the ground, camped and had about 20 friends over.
Fun, fun, fun in our own back yard with good music, swimming pool and fishing lake.
No covid, no dui, no cops, no hoodlums, NO TROUBLE... just fun.

Many folks ask if Burning Bike will be here in 2022.
Burning Bike 2022 is not at BikeWeekCampground.com