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Our Campgrounds are some of the best at Bike Week.
Private, quiet and sociable.
Hot Showers - Food - Vendors
Free Activities and Entertainment
24 hour private security

WE ARE BIKERS. We are independent souls who love freedom and the United States of America.
We are also spiritual and respect our fellow bikers.That's part of being a biker, independent but respectful of others.

To be respectful we are not booking any sites for Bike Week 2021.

As we have seen, to assist in spreading the virus during a pandemic is irresponsible.
And that also is prolonging the infections and mask wearing.
As of Jan 3, 2021 there is a major peak happening and many hospitals are 100% full.
Patients can't be helped waiting to get in.
Almost 4,000 people are dying from Covid everyday. EVERYDAY.
That totals to over 350,000 in 9 months. Don't be one of them.
Many are the folks who blatantly wore no mask in public and attended large events.
Others are the ones that they went home and infected.

Consider boycotting those who choose to expose you to a deadly virus.
Do it so you will be around for bike week 2022.
We are staying away during bike week because we expect the folks that show up will be maskless, drinking and gathering in large groups as if they were at a regular non-Covid Bike Week.

See You Next Year in 2022

If you want to comment use our Facebook page.
ook at the CDC web sit to see Covid info for Daytona.
Read the virus story about Sturgis 2020.

All we do is report facts from the medical professionals.
Listen to the medical community and follow their instructions to rid us of the virus just like they rid us of polio.