The 2019 Burning Bike was a huge success.
A few thousand bikers showed up for the burn.
Our Facebook and Instagram pages are filled with photographs.
Think Bike Week
Be Bike Week
Burn the Bike

Stay at Fastlane Campground
Home of Burning Bike
Free Bands Nightly
Hot Food and Cold Beverages
Hot showers and more

All inclusive
Our campground is an all inclusive bike week experience.

Fastlane Campground is one of the best at Bike Week.
Private, quiet and sociable.
Hot Showers - Food - Vendors
Activities and Entertainment
24 hour security
Campers receive free passes to
Fastlane Swap Meet and Burning Bike

15 minutes to Daytona
20 Minutes to New Smyrna Beach
10 minutes to Cabbage Patch

Compare Fastlane Campground
to other Bike Week Campgrounds

 Showers   Food   Vendors   Entertainment   RV Price   Electric   Water   Sewer 
 Fastlane  Hot  Hot  Yes  Free  $55  30-50amp  Yes  Yes 98
 Cacklebery  Yes  Yes  Yes  $40 extra  $75  30-50amp  Yes  Pump-Truck
 Crazy Horse   No  No  No  No  $60  30amp  Yes  Pump-Truck