The primitive campground includes all types of camping that is self contained. Camping in a Tent, Camper, RV, Van, Box Truck, Enclosed Trailer or even under the stars.

The RV campground has RV hookups for water,sewer and electricity.

Restrooms & Hot Showers available throughout the campground.


You must display proper entry ID  at the entrance and exit of the camping areas.

Be sure to keep track of your admission pass, it will be needed for exit and reentry to the event.
If you should lose your entry ID you will be able to get a duplicate at the front gate for $5.00.

Speed limit in the campground is 5 MPH. Pedestrians have the right of way.

Keep noise and vehicle use to a minimum between the hours of 1 AM and 6 AM.

Campers are allowed to bring their own fire wood, but they can't contain any nails or screws. No pallets 

The use of golf carts and  atv's are prohibited. 

Generators in the primitive are are allowed only in the designated areas.

PETS: Service animals are welcome. Other pets may attend provided they are under their owner's control and not a threat to others. We do not recommend bringing any aggressive or overly protective pets under any circumstances. We might have to ask you to leave if your pet causes problems. Please call if you have a question.

 FIRES: Are allowed unless County or State has banned them. They must be attended at all times and kept small in size.

CAMPSITES: Please keep and leave your campsite clean. Put all garbage and trash in bags. Bags are available at the front gate.

GENERATORS, RADIOS AND OTHER NOISE: Quiet time is 1am to 6am. If you are creating disturbing noise or want to party on please leave the camping area to do so.

NO FIGHTING: Both parties will be evicted.

NO WEAPONS: Any display of, or use of, a firearm or weapon of any kind will result in your prompt eviction without question.

NO FIREWORKS: This could result in bodily injury to other campers.

NO RACING: Speed limit in the campground is 5 MPH. Please observe SLOW traffic flow.

NO ILLEGIAL ACTIVITY: Your responsibility to abide by all laws.

NO DUMPING OF GRAY WATER: Keep your area clean and sanitary.

Anyone violating the rules or creating problems for other campers will be immediately evicted from the facilities without refund or reentry for the duration of the event.

All Fastlane Campground reservations are NON-REFUNDABLE from the time of purchase (no exceptions) You are paying for the camping and the entertainment is free. Your reservation helps Fastlane Promotions & Burning Bike plan a party, obtain performers, and incur a bunch of expenses that simply have to be paid so the party can continue. Thank you for making that all possible these past 11 years.